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Podcast: Ferrari, Lotus and more - F1 elite at the Indy 500

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For many motor racing fans, the month of May means one thing: The Indianapolis 500. Famously known as 'the greatest spectacle in racing', the Indy 500 captured American hearts from its inception in 1911 - but the race has also tantalised Europe's racing elite over the years, charmed by its big prize pot and unique challenge.

On this episode, Matt Bishop (journalist, editor, novelist and PR) and Richard Williams (journalist, author and broadcaster) take a look at the roots of oval racing and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway itself, before focusing on famous European incursions at the great American race.

Tune in for stories about the wine-drinking Frenchman who triumphed in 1913, Ferrari's ill-fated attempt at the 500 in 1952, Lotus' ultimately victorious campaign at The Brickyard in the 1960s, and much more. Plus, Matt gives us his personal recollections of working alongside Fernando Alonso during the Spaniard's fabulous (but fruitless) attempt at the 500 in 2017, and Richard takes us back to the early 1990s, when he witnessed first-hand Nigel Mansell's two participations at Indy in 1993 and 1994.

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