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First details of F1 Manager 2024 game revealed

by Glenn Freeman
1 min read

The first details for the new F1 Manager 2024 game have been revealed ahead of its release in the middle of the year.

The game, which does not have an official release date yet beyond "summer 2024", will be the third title in the F1 Manager series from Frontier Developments.

The main feature being added for the 2024 game is the option for players to create their own team for the first time, to race alongside the existing 10 teams on the F1 grid.

Players will be faced with several challenging decisions to make as they build their teams, including weighing up going after top established talent or signing future stars on and off-track, plus deciding whether to put effort and money into immediate car upgrades for quick success, or choosing to invest in facilities to become a longer-term presence at the front of the grid.

Other new features added to the game include a new mentality system for drivers and staff, aimed at "bringing personalities and demands to the fore" as players try to manage team morale, and "enhanced AI" that the game's developers say will "close the gap" between players and their competitors.

Mechanical failures have also been introduced, being described as an "ever-present threat" that can "disrupt even the strongest of strategies".

F1 Manager 2024 will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

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