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Podcast: F1's new 2026 rules explained + why they're changing

by Edd Straw, Ben Anderson
1 min read

We give our immediate reaction to the details of the 2026 Formula 1 regulations released by the FIA today in the latest edition of The Race F1 Podcast.

Ben Anderson joins Edd Straw to run through the key changes and explain their potential impact, as well as explaining the reasoning behind them. 

We explain what impact the new power unit regulations have in shaping the rules, as well as the push to make the cars smaller and lighter. 

And the modified aero regs designed to curb aerodynamic outswash further and reduce the extent to which the cars must run stiff and low are also delved into. 

The effect of the new 'manual override' to assist overtake and adjustable aerodynamics are also run through, along with how effective this new package could be in achieving he objectives set by F1.

The Race F1 Podcast is available free to subscribe to from all good podcast suppliers, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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